About History of dakit design

Lander and Ainara created DakitDesign in 2006, with the aim of working on product design projects. The main incentive of this new initiative was to create methods of work that collected the most interesting aspects acquired both in the experience of Lander in his Master of Industrial Design of Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and of the perspective of design perceived by Ainara in ‘ Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique (France).

In 2010, after developing design projects for companies specializing in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Oskar became part of the Dakit team, and completed his experience with the Master of Strategic Design of Products and Services Associated with The University of Mondragón (Gipuzkoa). We soon see the potential of Service Design as a line of business, and a way to manage both tangible and intangible elements from the design, creating a Product Service System methodology, capable of comprehending product and service projects in a comprehensive way.

Thanks to this reflection between different approaches and design trends, a method of logical, empirical and co-creative work has been created in Dakit, through which we have been able to experience interesting design projects for sectors such as sports, packaging, or even The machine tool sector, so characteristic of our territory.

Our clients have been participants and decisive during the different processes, making new and interesting proposals of value to the market. In addition, DakitDesign has maintained a didactic commitment to design and our vision of it, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Mondragon (Gipuzkoa) in the delivery of classes as “Design Methodology” or “Graphic Representation” to new students Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.

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